January 19, 2012

Snow Dogs

It's hard to balance on these slippery bricks!  (Beau)

What?  Everything smells different covered in snow!  (Lucy)
Okay - it can stop snowing any time now.  (Abby)

It has been snowing off and on - more on - since Sunday night.  Yea - I live in Western Washington in a city built on very steep hills.  There has been no school this week and today even Courts are closed.  The dogs love it - except Abby who's belly now drags in the snow - but only because her legs are only 6" long!!

I am loving it.  It's beautiful and quiet.  I worked half a day Tuesday and stayed home safe and warm on Wednesday.  Who knows what today will bring?  Happy Dogs on Thursday!  Hope everyone is enjoying what Mother Nature has delivered.


  1. Sweet photos... poor Abbydoo though!!

    So. Where are you today? Home? Work?

  2. Aww... poor Abby! Sophie says she should embrace the fluffy white stuff!

  3. Short legs are the pits in snow. Abs needs a warm sweater to keep her tummy dry.

  4. Poor Abby! The snow is too much for her! I'll bet the tall hounds are loving it, though.

  5. I've been thinking about you - wondering how you were faring in the snow.



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