January 12, 2012

Not Enough Press

I was told last week when I missed Dogs on Thursday - that my dogs don't get enough press.
That's because they aren't majestic like Thor, they aren't funny like Fudge and the rest of his pack,
nor are they majestic like Sissy and GG, they are just 


Beau, and


All photos were taken last week - not that they look any different from photos taken last year.
Happy Dogs on Thursday Folks!


  1. They are just.......perfectly lovely!!! I love your pack of wild houndies..they truly are a goofy pack, and they make me laugh. I am gonna vote for more press!!!

  2. They may not seem outstanding to you, but they love you to pieces, and that's what makes them special. Thor's pictures usually looked the same to me, but he was always there when we needed him, and that's what matters most! I'm happy to see your dogs featured today!

  3. I agree with Marji, having the dogs there is what mattered. I love the picture of Abby, but do really like the other two as well!

  4. But they're your pals, protectors and your fur-babes. Be thankful they aren't as silly as my group.

  5. Gretchen looked a little concerned about being majestic. Thor? Yes. Sissy? Hot mess is probably more accurate. At the moment, Gg looks more like Abby, only pressed up against me while she sleeps.

    And the look different. I've never seen Lucy-fer with red eyes before. I've never seen Beau ponder shoes before, and Abby's spots change a little every so often, don't you think?? ;)

  6. They don't have to be majestic, they just have to be themselves. My two are certainly not majestic, silly creatures that they are, but they sure are cuddlebugs ! Actually, they are in the same pose as Abby most of the time LOL

    Great pics :-)

  7. LOL Sounds about like me whenever I post pictures of the kitties. Cat sunbathing. Cat staring at the camera. Cat asleep. Repeat. Micro on the other hand, rarely is still long enough for a photo op.

  8. Beau and Lucy are magnificent examples of regal bloodhound-hood while Abby looks gloriously cuddlesome. Even more importantly they love their special humans.

  9. Well I think Lucy is elegant and Beau is a magnificent fellow, and little Abby is a precious snuggly-wuggly. They all deserve to be seen frequently!! Thanks for sharing them!


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