January 31, 2012

How Far Will One Hank Go?

I have been knitting - not doing much sewing, but lots of knitting.   I pulled this hank of daffodil Pagewood Farms Yukon from the stash to knit a second pair of blathnat's.  These socks were designed by IGK and I was lucky enough to test knit them in December.  They were the mystery socks for the Sock Knitters Anonymous group on Ravelry in January.

I made lots of changes to this pair.  I could - because I'd knit them before.  ;o) 

The first change I made was to carry the pretty stitches on the heel flap all the way to the bottom.  I knit 2 rows "even" before turning the heel and I love them.  The second was a trick I saw on Turtlegirl's blog.  She moves the gusset decreases to the bottom of the foot.  In her words, this causes the sock to 'cup' the foot and they fit better - and you know what - she's right!  I first tried that on a pair of socks for hubby - toe up and he says they are the best fitting socks I've ever made him.  So, I had to try it for me and they are right - this feels lovely on your foot and the socks are really snugly. 

After that - I knit my first hexi, there was still a ton of yarn left (relatively) so I knit a wee tiny pair of baby socks.  No - no babies due in my life, but I have friends having babies and friends of friends and what am I going to do with all this over yarn?

Next, I'll knit up the rest of the yellow into hexis and let you know how many I end up with.  Crazy!  Who knew you could get so much from one hank of socks yarn?  Guess I'll start carrying some stuffing in my purse.......


  1. Little leftovers of yarn make baby socks or hats and the hospitals are usually happy to get them for babies or sick kids.

  2. The baby socks are darling!

    The yarn is such a lovely shade of yellow/green and makes me long for Spring.

  3. Oh no are you about to become obsessed with Hexipuffs - LOL Love the socks, I've seen a few pairs but wonder if that top design will keep the stocks up?

  4. All the socks are pretty, and making more hexis for your quilt is a great idea. You must be happy to be doing something, even if it's not sewing the big print skirt you want!

  5. I wanna' try moving the gusset. Tell me more, please and thank you?

    Those baby socks are darlin'.

  6. I'll have to try that gusset trick. I'm already past that for the blathnat's, but I'll give it a shot next time. :) Will it work for top down, too?


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