January 2, 2012

The Favorite Gift I Made

I did not make a lot of gifts this past year. But my favorite one has  been floating in my head for a long time.  See The Musical One made a piece of a tumbling blocks quilt way back when she was in middle school.  It was an extra credit project for geometry. 

Ever since then I've saved the top that she made and the remaining fabric with the intention of making placemats - someday.

Well - since she's buying her first house, someday is now.  
I pulled the top out of the plastic bin and took it to the fabric store.  I had to find coordinating fabric for the back and fabrics to make reversible napkins. 

I spent two days making more blocks (she had only made enough for two placemats).  I picked a dark navy with lime green and then bought 4 different fabrics to make 2 sets of 6 reversible napkins.

After I finished the piecing, cut out placemats and batting, sewed them rights sides together and then turned them right sides out. 
Then I quilted around the tumbling blocks.  Using purple thread on the pieced blocks and lime green on the solid fabric. I made 2 sets of 6 napkins. One set matches with the solid side and the other with the pieced. They are reversible. While there are only 4 placemats (that's all her table will seat), I made 6 napkins because I believe you should always have spares to rotate in - just in case something happens - like a horrible stain or a tear.
Anyway - I'm tickled pink with this gift.


  1. How sweet........great placemats!

  2. What a great gift. I know she will love them!

  3. Those are beautiful. What a wonderful gift. And congrats to your daughter on the marvelous accomplishment of buying a house!

  4. What a beautiful gift - I'm sure she'll be as pleased as you are.

  5. What a thoughtful, sentimental gift. You are a great gift giver!

  6. What a very special gift!! That's awesome. When is closing?

  7. Great placemats and napkins - the perfect gift.

  8. That's a nice housewarming gift. I used to give a lot of placemat and napkin sets for wedding gifts, too.

  9. What a thoughtful gift! She will be thrilled!


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