January 16, 2012

All is Snowy & Quiet

I love the way the trees look when they are dusted with snow
I sent JB out into the cold yesterday so he could snap some pics
some of the snow has melted off already and green is showing through
but more snow is expected today


  1. So that's where our snow is! ;) Enjoy. I like the hush that seems to fall with the snow.

  2. can't believe how much snow seattle is getting! :) it looks beautiful, though

  3. Our temps may hit 70 today. Send us some snow.

  4. It's very pretty. I like snow best when it's not too much fluffy snow sitting on the branches!

  5. The snow DTY was hoping for while she was home for Christmas. Somehow I doubt she will get out on cross-country skies like she wanted though. I keep hearing about homework and correcting papers every time I have talked to to her in the last two weeks.

  6. The snow is so beautiful! Stay warm :)


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