October 20, 2011

Whatever Lola Wants

Lola gets.

Because, really, who could refuse this face?

Lola is my coworkers 7 month old mastiff puppy.
She comes to work 2-3 times a week.
She's very laid back and with the exception of camping out right in fron of the copier
she's never in the way or stops you from doing your work.

I think at 7 months - she weighs in at just under 70 pounds.
Look at the size of those feet!

Today's Dog on Thursday is brought to you in Memory of Thor.
Have a fabulous day everyone.


  1. So she'll end up around 120 lbs.? She's a doll.

  2. Lola is beautiful and what an expressive face.

    Yikes, she does have large feet and will soon grow into them, I'm sure.

  3. What a sweet face and what big feet!

  4. I recognized the face right away.

    She's small if she's only 70 pounds. Usually female mastiffs top out around 150 pounds.

    And you've learned what I love most about mastiffs - they're just so laid back and mellow! Lola's a beauty. Give her a hug for me and Thor.

  5. What a cutie... and of course WE know that whatever Lola wants, Lola gets...

  6. Oh goodness. Look at those eyes.

  7. Mastiffs are such sweet dogs. Big but sweet. She is adorable.

  8. Oh my! I've been out of the loop for a few weeks and I missed this adorable face!


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