October 5, 2011

The Last Thing to Come Out of the Studio

Last weekend I made Vogue 1179.   Once again, I took my inspiration from Carolyn. 

This pink knit was a heavy and it really is too heavy for this dress.  But I made it anyway. 

Without the cardigan it has a maternity look, but with it - I think it's okay - not that you call tell from the only photo that JB was willing to take. 

Due to yardage limitations - the dress is just a smidge on the short side - and I put just the tiniest, narrow hem I could into it. 

I cut the dress essencially with no alternation to the pattern - with the exception of the usual - I cut a 14 though the shoulders and chest,  used my french curve to grade the lines to a 16 at the waist and then out to a 20+ at the hips.  Honestly - that was too much.  Given the ease in this dress, I could have stayed at either a 16 all the way from the underarms down or possibly an 18.

I wore the dress all day with grey tights and boots and my grey alpaca cardigan.  I was comfortable all day long.

The rest of the weekend I sat on the couch alternating reading and knitting.  I didn't feel  well and ended up staying home on Monday and unfortunately, I'm still playing catch up at work and Friday morning it's time for the Fall Sewing Retreat again. 

Starting Tuesday evening, i've been cutting and preping patterns to sew up.  I'm looking forward to a weekend away with like minded people, sewing, laughing, relaxing and generally having a good time.  How about you?


  1. Love the pink and gray together. Nice job.

  2. LOVE it!! Flowing isn't always maternity. Pank is happy, and you know I love a cowl, so maybe I'm biased...

  3. It's a pretty print, and good with the grey cardigan. I'd still try pleating the front to take away the maternity look.

  4. Cute!!! I really like the color and print.

  5. You know on some days my 1179 also looks like a maternity dress...I think that's why I haven't made another. However, I really do like the print you chose for this dress - and do what I do - wear it with a sweater ALWAYS! *LOL*


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