July 28, 2011

Doodle Bug

This is Abigail Jane
One of her nicknames is Doodle Bug
Don't ask me - I don't know either

Doodle has a chair
She loves it
JB put her chair in the dog house
Yesterday before leaving for work I looked out and saw this
I was late for work because I had to take the picture
to share with you

Happy Dogs on Thursday


  1. That's my new fave of Doodle Bug. (You know I lived with a beloved JRT named Doodles, right?!)

  2. So cute! My best friend nicknamed my youngest Doodle Bug when he was little....who knows why...some things just ARE.

  3. Nicknames happen. It was nice of JB to supply Abby with her own chair! Adorable picture.

  4. That is so cute. Pylon and Lucy both had their own chairs, but this pack consider everything theirs.

  5. Aww!! My boosi! I love her! Give her an extra loving for me!!


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