October 1, 2010

Late to the Party

Not only am I late - but these are really, really, crap-tastic photos!  Which is sad, because these socks are anything but crap-tastic.

First - I signed up on Rav to test knit Susie's Long Stockings

Next - I ordered hand died pink cashmere sock yarn.  Kathy is lovely - she didn't have what I wanted in the shop, so I convo'd her.  She fired up her magic potions in the middle of the summer heat and I had 3 hanks of the prettiest semi-solid pink yarn on my doorstep within about 10 days.  Seriously!  (her bags are lovely too!)
Finally - I caked up that lovely yarn and started knitting - learned a new cast on, learned a new double decrease and knit away.  I was almost done and would totally have made the deadline, but I realized I had mis-understood one of the directions - totally my fault and not the patterns.  So - with just over a week to go - I ripped the socks back all the way to the beginning!

And started over.  It took me just about 2 weeks to knit these puppies the second time!  Now - as soon as I clean the studio and find the missing hank of pink cashmere - I'll start the ruffles.  Then I'll have a friend with legs much more similar in size and shape to the Princess' model them and I'll force JB to take good photos.  (or else I'll pack him nothing but pb&j for a week!!)


  1. These are fantastic - I would love to make them for my daughter!

  2. Those stockings/socks are fantastic! I picture a denim skirt, white t-shirt and funky belt with rhinestones.

  3. aren't they pretty, and congratulations YOU WON MY BIRTHDAY CONTEST

    I will get the shawl out to you next week, I hope you love it and enjoy wearing it!!!!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!!!

  4. The lace is stunning! I can't wait to see them with the ruffles too. What an amazing mom...

  5. I love good long socks! Can't wait to see the finished product on your "good" leg model!

  6. I checked them out on Ravelry because I didn't know where the ruffle went. They're adorable.

    Congrats on winning the shawl.

  7. WOW... the Princess is lucky! Those are gorgeous!

  8. Gay - those are awesome! GAWD if I could knit like you I would never worry about sewing!!!

  9. Those are fantastic!!!! I can't believe you had to rip back and start over - that takes a strong character to do - LOL

    I'm sure the ruffle with be very flirty and fun to add on. What a great pattern!

    PS Don't knock PB&J. I ate that everyday for lunch for 3 years in law school (along with a clump of grapes) and never was sick a day. Of course, I haven't been able to force myself to eat a PB&J a grape since.

  10. Here I am trying to catch up on everyone again.... seems as if I'm always behind. :/

    I absolutely LOVE those socks!! Beautiful!!

    And I'm glad all of your pups are feeling better, I loved that photo of the 3 of them together. :)

  11. Oh my gosh! They are truly gorgeous! Princess in Pink :D.


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