September 16, 2010


I'm trying to live more aware this week.
Be less negative and more positive. 
Toward that goal - here's my Thankfuls for this Thursday:

::That photo - I love that tree through my skylight::
::fresh air::
::cute clothes::
::crafty friends::
::my husband, girls, and dogs::
::creative outlets::
::having a job::
::good food::
::a good, strong body::

::next week - dogs on Thursday again, promise::


  1. Lovely list. I think being positive is a choice, and it's definitely not an easy one.

  2. Great list! And I'm with Chan, it is a choice to make and it's NOT easy.

  3. As long as you're well, we can wait another week for wonderful pictures of our four footed pals!

  4. What wonderful things you are thankful for!


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