September 22, 2010

Rose Cotty!

Sunday I started Cotty in some yarn that had been living in my stash since June 2009.
I love this yarn and the pattern.  Look for new socks soon!


  1. LOVE! I'm doing the toe decreases on baby Cotty #2, so those should be finished... soon. I don't have time to knit tonight and then Anita arrives!

  2. Yikes! You started 'em on Sunday, is that a heel I see in the pic ??? Tell me you're doing only one sock at a time pulleezzze !? LOL

    I cast on my next pair (both socks) the other day and have only got a couple of inches done so far. My commuting knitting time is not long enough to get much done obviously LOL

  3. LOVE!! Great use for some well marinated stash yarn!


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