September 21, 2010


Remember back when I told you "we" were reno-ing our bathroom?   Well here it is mostly done. 

The tile turned out fabulous.  Unfortunately - the tile around the tup and the countertop is still 1980s pink, but we're living with it.  We attempted to tone it down with the brown tile.
We are upgrading all the millwork as well.  It will all be painted and throughout most of the house it will be white, but in the master suite - we went with this rich milk chocolate color.  It looks great next to the floor tiles.

Corner squares are being used on all doors and windows.  Sunday we finally agreed on purchased flooring for both the upstairs and the downstairs.  This is huge, because it took us 3 weeks to agree on paint color for the trim work.  So, when we brought home samples and both JN and I agreed on the same ones for the upstairs and down, we went right back and ordered it.

Soon, the whole house will be redone, then it'll be time to sell or start over, right?


  1. Love it! I believe that's the brown version of the taupe/grey tile we have in my bathroom...

  2. It looks nice. I like the brown trim in the bedroom. Very warm and restful.

  3. It looks nice. I like the brown trim in the bedroom. Very warm and restful.

  4. It's really pretty! When I was 2 or 3, we rented a "house" in California (it was doubtless a converted 2 car detached garage) that was all pink. My mother didn't believe I remembered it, until I told her the windows were 4 miles off the floor. OK, it was 4 feet, but I was little!

  5. Love those tiles. We're done with painting and remodeling for a while. I'm burnt out on it. lol


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