September 10, 2010

Love :)


I want these badly.  fitzwell wide calf brown boots.  I love everything about them.
laces?  love!
heels?  yep.
lovely round toe?  perfect.
color - heavenly!

Will I order them while they are still available?  hmmm


  1. Always cracks me up when my old riding boots are in vogue. But I love boots, so I'll drag mine out of storage and love it while they're hot!

  2. You know, I just got really cool boots of a well-known brand name (that yes, I forgot to take to KN for S&T) at you know where for only $50 and I LOVE them. I'm wearing them today and getting lots of compliments. PLUS, no one was killed for my beautification.
    That said, the same place had slaughterhouse boots for the same price that were very cute, too. Buy one, get second pair of shoes half price AND I used a 20% off entire purchse coupon I found online. A pair of boots and a pair of Nike running shoes for $96 including tax.
    Save money on shoes, more money for yarn. Just sayin'...
    Anon Miss D.

  3. Well, remind JB that there's an "occasion" only about 6 weeks away! They you won't have to feel guilty about ordering them!

  4. Don't torture yourself, order them.

  5. Dear Gaylen - if a maker of fine boots offers long ones that cater for those of us that have shapely ANd generously dimensioned calves ..... then go for them.

    I've yet to get used to the full length boots I bought back in May that allow for the fuller, shapely mid to upper leg while delivering full on style. But no way will I give up them, ever.

    Dear Gaylen - you wont have to face my nasty demon steps with these boots, so, if all is okay Gaylen and JB wise - allow yourself to buy a pair of the style you have come to love.

    Sending our love, Michelle and Zebbycat

  6. Yes, yes! A thousand times yes! If you have the money. When I was in high school in the 70's, my parents bought me a great pair of Frye boots. The style then was to tuck your pants into them. They were wonderful leather boots I wore for many years. he boots were costly at the time, but paid for themselves because I wore them out. Enjoy!

  7. These are fancy, I love them too! Thanks for the visit to my blog!


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