July 30, 2010


Not Today!

Today we have heavy rolling fog.

It's so thick , I can't even see the building in the photos today!

I hope it burns off before the afternoon commute!


  1. Boooo, fog! I don't like fog at all. There's a line in the musical Camelot... "No rain shall ever fall 'til after sundown. By 9AM, the morning fog should disappear..."

  2. I'm just thankful we don't have nasty icky sticky humidity here today!

  3. Hopefully it's burned off already. With the heat we've had, I could use some fog.

  4. Here it would be weird if there weren't fog in the morning and back in the evening. Comes in on little cat feet and all that.

  5. I grew up in New Brunswick, I remember fog sitting on the ground up to the tires of the cars, where you can't see the road and guide yourself by following the light standards on the highway.

    I laugh when our Montreal weather mentions fog - sometimes there really is a full blanket of fog on our bridge (and ONLY on the bridge), but rarely. Usually, Montreal fog is just 'mist' to me.

    Hopefully your day cleared out :-)

  6. Does that mean you had some cooler temps today? If so, color me jealous.

  7. attempting to comment....yay...fog is fun, if you are not driving in it! ;o) One time i got so lost driving home across the valley, i took a few wrong turns, and ended up pretty far from home!


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