July 12, 2010

Snapshot of my Life

It has been said before that I don't elaborate on things gone wrong. So, I just thought I'd share.
I mentioned to JB that we were going to have to do something about the washer soon. I was getting tired of my white tees coming out stained. And I was quite irritated when my brand new orange tank come out of the washer with grease all over it today! I put stain stick on it before drying and it came out in the second wash - but really? Should I have to wash everything twice?
So - anyway - after telling him what was happening. This Sunday after working in the yard all afternoon, JB came in and took the washer apart. I don't know if it will behave any better - but what I do know is appliances aren't made like they used to be. This one is only 11 years old and is acting up? My last washer is probably still going strong in my old house and we gave it up after 18 years. Throw-away society indeed.


  1. That makes me so crazy. My first washer & dryer I bought from an elderly lady who was moving to a retirement community. She had bought it in the early 1970s. I bought it (perfect working condition) in 1992, so already 20 years old, and it kept chugging along through my early married years, baby diapers & kids clothes, until about 5 years ago when it finally died. So about a 30 year lifespan. (It was a Kenmore). Since then, I'm on my 2nd washer. SECOND ONE!!! ARRGGHHHH!!!! And this one isn't the best either.

  2. I should say that the dryer lasted slightly less longer. It died about 10 years ago, and she had purchased it newer, about 1980, so it had about a 20 year lifespan! No washer/dryer made today will ever last that long.

  3. But then how would the economy be stimulated if ALL of your appliances lasted 25/30 years. You wouldn't buy a new washer/dryer or refrigerator for some new feature when the one you had was working perfectly fine! No the life span has to be shortened and then the applianced sexy'd up so that not only would you replace the appliance but you would upscale it too!

    So actually by your washer breaking down and you eventually purchasing a new one...in the new economy you are saving a job.

    Hope you had a good weekend otherwise!

  4. If I get 10-15 years out of an appliance, I'm content. Yes, MJ has Maytags that are almost as old as the Knight, so I hear you, but... it is what it is.

  5. My mom had the same washer for 25 years and it still worked perfectly. My last one only lasted about eight years and my new replacement doesn't work as well as I'd like. It cost a fortune and I'm not pleased with it.

  6. ...and the above comments, dear girl, are why I had Mr. Leonard, my appliance fix-it wizard, come repair my 25 year old Kenmore washer last summer. 2 years ago, my upright freezer died, and I had a new one delivered. Delivery dudes laughed, and told us that while the carcass they were hauling out was 18 years old, they'd be amazed if the one they brought in would last 8. I hate throwaway appliances!

    Verification word is "wootor". Is that a person yelling "woot", and having a really good time, which is not you today?

  7. throw away, indeed. hubski and i were just discussing replacing my computer soon. it is only a few years old. he could try to fix it, but by the time he buys all the new parts it needs, we could just about buy a new one that would be faster and better.

    with major appliances, repairs are so expensive that it often does not pay to repair. (i did not marry a "mr fix-it")

  8. Psht... in this new economy who the heck can afford a new appliance? GAH! I hope you guys can get a little more time out of yours!!

    BTW... all of your socks look awesome! :)

  9. omg... appliances gone wrong. i feel ur pain! btw, NICE pink socks in previous post... my strawberry shortcake yarn is still in, well, 'cakes'. ugh. knitting is returning to me... slowly... so i don't spook it and send it running away. tell j hey for me, and now that my voice is back, i'll phone you soon! miss u, girlie!


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