July 5, 2010


Big fun was had by all.
The photos are getting better.
But man, was it cold here!


  1. Pretty!! Your pack doesn't mind them?

  2. Lovely fireworks. It was a great 4th for us as I hope it was for you. Soon it won't be so cold here... time to put the fleece away!

  3. It was hotter than July here. 80 degrees at midnight last night. 90 now, at noon, and it's supposed to keep on going until Friday. But, hey, at least it didn't rain on either of us, right?

  4. I watched the local show standing in the street just down from my house, and a woman driving a car stopped and asked directions for a moment. She was dropping a kid off at a friend's house and thought she'd check out how a rental looked that she'd seen listed.

    We came away both of us hoping she would soon become a neighbor.

  5. It was hot and humid here. We watched them from Boston on TV. Morgan was having a minor meltdown.

  6. Seriously COLD! Just rub it in that I'm living in the midst of a sauna right now. We could see the township fireworks from the balcony on my apartment but I lasted 10 minutes because even at 9pm it was so hot and sticky!

    Glad you had a good time!

  7. Cold? Could you send it my way? It's hotter than you-know-what over here......
    Nice fireworks.


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