July 7, 2010

Erin's First Bear

The owner of my local yarn store is very involved with the local hospice. Each year the hospice works in connection with the Moyer Foundation to provide bears for the kids at the local Camp Erin. the bears are donated by various radio stations and local business and then Fontelle asks her customers to dress them. This year I decided to do a bedtime bear. She's wearing a nightgown that I sewed (broke the rules, I know). She also has bunny slippers and a bunny woobie. I'm sure some child will love her - dontcha think?


  1. Oh most definitely... some little one is going to ADORE that bear! LOVE!

  2. Beautiful bear and so thoughtful!

  3. She looks so sweet and I love the bunny slippers.

    When I lived in Myrtle Beach, my bank used to do something similar. I remember dressing a bear in a karate outfit one year.

    I think that's a really nice thing to do. Maybe we should sponsor something like that on one of the blogs.

  4. That is a cute little bear. Some lucky little girl will love her and her bunny woobie!

  5. What a wonderful lttle bear just waiting for someone special to give her lots of hugs.


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