July 13, 2010


JB and I are getting ready to embark on some serious declutter. We have both "vowed" not to buy unnecessary items (says the girl who bought 4 cuts of fabric on Saturday - thank you stress shopping!) Anyway - I'm sure you're asking what these little lovelies have to do with that vow?
Well - Friday there was a package in the mail for me from IrishGirlieKnits. See she emailed me and asked if I'd test knit another pattern. Of course I said yes - she has the best patterns! She then mentioned that she had some kollage Sock-a-licious that she would be sending to her test knitters. ::love::
She also slipped in an extra ball of yarn just because she's nice like that (and she's in the middle of her own declutter).
Then on Saturday - there was another package for me. I swear I haven't been shopping (except for the 4 cuts of fabric - and one's already made into a new skirt).
What was it, you ask? This adorable little project bag loaded with exterior pockets. It's polka dotted - which is one of my favorite things ever and completely lined with a lovely glen plaid.
Now to find a project worthy of it? Hmmmm - maybe the new test knit?


  1. I'm sure it would be happy to hold the new test knit!

  2. They were gifted - they have N-O-T-H-I-N-G to do with the vow - that IS the story, isn't it ?!

    You know I like the yarn, right ? Pretty blue.

  3. Isn't it nice to get packages in the mail?

    Don't say the word declutter at this house. I love my clutter. It's who I am. I can't part with it.

  4. We too embrace our clutter, although sometimes I just throw stuff out because it needs to go. Fabric is not "buying stuff"; instead, it's work clothing. The project bag would be perfect for the test knit. Blue goes wonderfully with green!

  5. Everyone knows that sock yarn and fabric cuts don't count as clutter, right? :-)

  6. My itching sock knitting fingers would love to get a hold of that wonderful yarn..... and that cute little bag!

  7. Oooh...I wonder what she's got up her pattern making sleeve this time? I love her sock patterns.

  8. What a nice little goodie bag. I seriously need to de-clutter but there are so many more interesting things to do...like...knitting, spinning etc ;)


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