April 20, 2010

Some New Pretties

A week or so ago I swung into Hancock fabrics to look for a particular print to make a knitting bag for a friend. Of course I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for - but I did manage to bring these two little lovelies home with me. The top is a fun cotton print on a white background. It's telling me it wants to be a dress - but I can't imagine covering my body in that much print. So chances are good - it will lose and become another of my signature loud print skirts. The lower green print - whispered that it wanted to be a skirt - right there in the store! how bold is that? Are you all sick to death of hearing about the Houndstooth yet? Well I'm hoping to finish it up this week. (I know - I've been saying that forever!) I swear I have never spent this much time on a simple garment (that doesn't fit!!) This past weekend I got the skirt put together, the lining attached and the hem on the shell pressed up. I have a movie downstairs to watch - but just need the energy to get down there and do it. Last night I fell asleep on the couch at 9:30!


  1. Why not honor the white print's wish and make it a sleeveless dress and then find a solid cardi or two based on those colors? That way, you wouldn't show much more fabric than if it became a skirt...

  2. Sometimes, with a loud print like that, I'll make a 2 piece dress, with the top a solid color and the bottom the print - sleeveless, of course - and a little bolero type jacket to go with it. But it would also make a great skirt, and so will the green! We had a Hancock Fabrics here, but it closed down a couple of years ago. It wasn't due to a lack of business, but to the whole region pretty much collapsing because managers were skimming off the top and accounting irregularities and other such ugliness! I miss that store; it leaves me only with Joanne's.

  3. The first print is right...it does want to be a dress. Pick a coordinating fabric and use it in the dress' design so that the eye has a place to rest. It will make a lovely dress!

  4. I so agree with Channon's comment, I love that you sew your clothes I truly do, it reminds me of those days when I used to sew!

  5. Today, in a catalog, I saw a bandanna
    print tunic and it was love at first sight. I don't know what it is with bandanna print lately. I just bought Norma Jean a red bandanna print collar. Anyway, I have to find the fabric and make myself a tunic.

  6. I do think the white print is calling out to be a dress - take from the suggestions above as a dress is so pleasant and special to wear, especially over summer.

    And I just love the green print - the shade, the pattern and the very fun of it. Keep up showing glorious new fabrics for your stash and I'll have to de-clutter my wee one bedroomed home some more as the sewing urge will increase,LOL. But not until I finish knitting the lovely dark pink/maroon monster!!!


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