April 15, 2010

Ride 'em CowBaby?

Last weekend my friend B came over for poker with her daughter and grandson who were visiting from Texas. Little Peter is 4.5 months old and he's a dolly who loves doggies. I happen to have alot of doggies. You can see by the number of hands
that it was quite a production to get Petey to ride Beau. First Pete got to sit on Lucy's back, but she ran when the camera came out.
Beau sat down - until the baby started crying. then he jumped and ran. I don't much blame him - I felt like doing he same thing.
Thankfully - all the dogs were good sports with a baby in the house.


  1. Cute photos! Beau is a great sport. I held baby W. yesterday for a good while, but I was lucky; I handed her off about two minutes before she needed a diaper change. Luckily, her daddy stepped in and took over.

  2. You dogs are so good around babies. I'm afraid mine would all be trying to get close to check him out and see if he had anything to eat.

  3. The baby is adorable, and Beau is a hero. They are so cute together! And I'm convinced that dogs who think they're just hairy humans are always wonderful with kids, but big dogs are the most even tempered of all. Petey and Beau proved that.

  4. YOU wanted to jump and run when the baby cried... this from the woman that so desperately wants grandbabies... What are we gonna do with you. lol


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