April 14, 2010

Plodding Along

This past weekend after setting up my new iron, I couldn't decide if I wanted to start something new like a skirt from my TNT KS pattern or continue plodding along on the houndstooth. Well - thing is - in my life leaving things too long as UFOs is the kiss of death. So, I dug my heels in and my seam ripper out and set down to business. Per Carolyn's suggestions, I took out the front princess seams and interfaced the seam lines on the side panels. Well - that got rid of the strange puckering we were seeing last time. then I took out the back princess seams and let them out a whopping 1/8" on each seam. Doesn't sound like much - but that's a half in across the back above the rear. Then I quit following Carolyn's suggestions and I just stitched the side seam and inserted the zipper. Now I need to re-finish the seams, put the lining together. Attach the lining and the fashion fabric and hem it. Then it will be summer.


  1. *LOL* No one said you had to follow ALL of my instructions to a T! But I'm glad that you were able to remove the puckering. Now finish the skirt so I can see a pic of you wearing it!

  2. Giggle. You live in Seattle, hon. Do you ever REALLY have summer for more than a few days at a time? Finish the skirt. Wear it before you come east, because you won't want it anywhere near you while you're here.

  3. Did you try it on? Are you happier with it? Don't leave us hanging.

    I've been wanting to wear skirts lately, but with my pack it's a lot safer to stick to pants.

  4. Well, even if it is summer, you'll be over the blahs this construction project gave you, and glad to have a new skirt in the wardrobe come winter!

    When are you coming east?


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