April 22, 2010

I Wanna Rock & Roll All Night

and Party Every Day!
You might have to click on the photos and make them bigger - but the other day Beau walked into the kitchen and it looked like he had been working on a "mohawk." It was so freakin' funny. I'm not sure who had been licking his head - what he rolled in. But right along the ridge of his head all his fur was standing straight up. He looked like he was trying to be Billy Idol.
Not as visible in profile - but what a handsome boy!


  1. "Mom! You are soo embarassing!" -Beau

    Love the hawk! I bet it was Aboosa, she was always licking the pups like a mama.

  2. That's quite the 'do he's got going on there. He is a handsome boy, indeed!

  3. Maybe he just thinks it's time to change his image. Morgan would love to come lick his head and get those hairs back into place. That's her job around here.

  4. Gretchen's the groomer around here. If Lucy would let her stand on her back, maybe...

  5. LOL Love it. :) Of course, I love just about any picture of him.


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