September 16, 2009

Belated Thanks!

Again - I'm late saying thank you. Last week I got home and there was a package on the kitchen counter for me. Along with a very nice note and some tea was this lovely hand-died sock yarn from GypsyKnits. Over the summer we started chatting and developed a friendship. Anyway - I had asked her to send me something and she included this lovely yarn.
I love brown and cream mixed with just about any soft color and this blue is perfect. It's such a lovely colorway - now to come up with the perfect pattern for it.
thanks GK - I love it. If you love it too - you can purchase your own by going to link for GK and then clicking over to her etsy shop. By the way - she has a lovely big dog named Mr. Bettis who she claims is always up to no good. In fact - he has his own legal staff constantly at the ready!


  1. Well, when my dearly beloved was younger, he used to constantly tell people to talk to his attorneys. I am grateful for the sake of my checkbook that Thor has never learned that line.

    Last week was a great week for you to get a present! (Not that there's ever a bad time for surprises, is there?)

  2. I like blue and brown together. Very classy yarn. What are you making with it? Let me guess.... socks?

  3. very pretty yarn and GK is just wonderful!

  4. Beautiful yarn. And Mr. B is a bit naughty, but Sissy says that's good for two reasons - bad boys are always cute, and it's helpful to be able to point out there's always a dog in more trouble than you are.

  5. His legal team is trying to keep him out of the pound until he and Sissy get to have a "real" date. ;-)

  6. Lovely yarn! Mr. B is cute, that's how he gets away with all he does. LOL


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