August 6, 2009

Lookie Here

Abby has a tongue, too!

Thanks to our heatwave, I am able to prove it.

She is normally very ladylike and doesn't stick her tongue out.

In fact, she kept walking toward me while I was trying to take the photo. Happy Dogs on Thursday. I hope you are warm enough.


  1. Oh, that's a cute picture. You've seen pictures of Thor sleeping with his tongue on the floor. Nothing dignified about that boy.

  2. Lady Gretchen says you gotta' do whatcha' gotta' do when you're too warm.

  3. We've got the heat back again. I have ten dogs that go to the door, stick their heads out to test the temperature, then turn and walk back inside.

  4. The heat wave here brings out Sophie's tongue and smile too. I can only get her "smiling" in the heat...

  5. i'd be worried if abby's tongue wasn't hanging out in the heat you've been having!
    hope it's cooling off some!

  6. Hi G! Loving the picture of Miss A with her tongue hanging out! Too funny! AND...also enjoying the idea about the umbrella stand! Super idea! Take care and stay as cool as possible! Shelley

  7. That's so cute! Normally we'd be having really hot and humid weather right now and Abby would be miserable with her tongue hanging out also.

  8. Forgot to tell you - Dr. Duke said he's glad to hear Abby's doing so well!
    Anon Miss D.


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