July 15, 2009

Test Knitting

I seem to be knitting a lot and most of it is socks. Crazy huh? Who wears wool socks in the summer? Well - actually, I do. I like my feet to be warm and here in good old Western Washington you never know when it will be 85* followed by a downpour.
So, I have started doing some test knitting for sock designers through Ravelry. This is great because I can try a new technique or make a very complicated pattern that I may love, but would never purchase.
Currently, I am knitting a very complicated pattern loaded with traveling cables, lace and twisted stitches. I am using a beautiful wool - Dream in Color Smooshy in the colorway - Good Luck Jade, it's a semi-solid yarn and the pattern stands out fabulously.
I'm trying old techniques with this sock - top down, one at a time, on good old-fashioned metal double pointed needles - and I'm loving it. I have made a few triangle bags and asked a few knitting friends what they like in knitting bags. So, I'm getting a chance to try out the bag and see how it functions.


  1. Seems like the perfect solution. You get to knit socks which you lie to do and you get to try new and different patterns and the designer gets an expert knitter. Win-win

  2. What a super cute bag!!
    Did you get my text last night? We got home on Sunday. CRAZY long trip!! Good to be home, but wow...sooo much work to do, and all i want to do is work on my quilt, and do some knitting! as usual, the housework will have to wait!

  3. love your little bag for holding your project.

  4. Cute bag. I don't mind knitting with dpns once in a while... Love that jade colorway too.

  5. I wear socks to bed year round, because my feet get cold, and when we're watching TV at night. My dearly beloved has been telling me for decades that I ought to try sending some of my blood to my toes for warmth. So I understand someone else who wears socks in summer!

    No pups today?

  6. Trust me when I say we're wearing socks over here this summer. Bum summer! But oh so much fun to knit.
    Love that little bag. Keep on knitting:)


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