July 21, 2009

My House Feels Neekid

Today - finally - the new windows are being installed. We went with the Anderson 100 windows for most of the windows in the house. (It's time now for The Princess to stop reading.) There were a few windows that weren't standard size or like the slider we wanted the dog door put in and Anderson doesn't do that. Well they do if you get their Renewal line - but it was essentially the same window at three times the cost. So the downstairs windows are all triple paned vinyl windows.
Anyway in preparation of having the windows installed - everything had to be moved from the front of windows and the sills had to be cleared off. Can I just say we have a lot of crap in this house.
One thing I noticed this morning was the panels on the bay window. When we bought the house it had heavy drapes on the window and they pulled to the outsides. I didn't like that. So when I made the curtain panels I made four panels for the bay window. I have always pulled each panel to the outside of the window that it covers.
But this morning I pulled the panels on one side of the window to the center. I kinda like it. In the first photo - the panels on the left are both pulled to the center and the panels on the right - the center window is pulled to the outside and the corner panel is still pulled closed. In the dark second picture - I pulled the corner panel to the outside as well. So - I know it's hard to tell, but what do you think? Centers or outsides?
I can't wait until all the new windows are in. Today the dogs are unsettled - strangers, lots of banging and they can't go outside because that's where they are working first.


  1. Poor doggies! And I like the centers, just because it's a little different.

  2. Our doggies are going to have to go thru it, too. We got new doors and now we have to stain them. That means doggies have to be crated or locked up for a day.

    I don't know which I like better, but then you can do them one way one time and another the next. There are no rules.

  3. Centers frame the windows nicely, while emphasizing that it is a bay. And I with my weird lexicon of construction information know that is a true bay window, because the floor follows the contours of the walls below the window. When it's a window hanging out with a straight wall below, it's technically called an ariel. How's that for obscure info?

    Tell the pups that Thor sends his sympathy. He's locked inside due to booming in the yard for 2 days so far, and predicted for the whole week!

  4. I know what you're feeling right now. People in and out of the house makes you feel vulnerable, violated and the dogs unsettled. I feel your pain, GF

  5. I like the darker picture look (not the dark, but the curtains). But you CAN do it one way for awhile and then switch off. The beauty of "no rules."

    Poor pups! They do get confused a lot when this reconstruction/remodeling thing happens. If you had cats, you would find that they are even worse than the dogs (my opinion). They are terribly sensitive little creatures...all of them! But soon it will be back to normal. Hooray!

    Hugs to all...Shelley

  6. my opinion, since you asked :) i think one of the panels on the left needs to be slid over the the far outside left of the window - that way each window has a drape framing both sides. make sense? and if that left drape is one solid panel, get your scissors. :)


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