July 29, 2009

Holey Heat Waves!

Anyone who's ever heard anything about the Pacific Northwest knows that we got tons of rain (allegedly) and that it rarely gets over 85* here. Maybe 3 times a year. Therefore - very few people who live here have air conditioning in their homes. I've tried telling Mother Nature - I'm wondering if you all would be willing to pass the message along?

We are having the hottest Summer on record and I'm not really complaining - I enjoy temperatures in the low 80*. It's nice, it's comfortable and I can sit on the deck and read or knit while listening to music. But when the temperature decides to go into the triple digits - well I'm ready to load up my dogs and check into a hotel just so I can crank the air. You know it's bad when it's 83* in my house and it's still 20* cooler than being outside.

The good news is that they are done with my windows - well mostly. They did a really, really crappy job of cutting the sills and don't caulk or seal them in any way. The window in our bathroom doesn't latch closed, one window came damaged and one is just the wrong window entirely. But - I was able to put blinds back up and do my best to control the heat in the house. As soon as I get the pasta salad for tonight's dinner into the fridge - we'll be headed to the basement where it's much, much, cooler - maybe another 5*.

ps - it's suppose to stay this warm through next Tuesday.


  1. we are having a slightly cooler than normal summer. i don't think we've hit triple digits yet this year. we've been on the lower end of the 90's instead of the upper, even in the 80's some days. weird... but i am not complaining!

  2. We had that heat wave a couple weeks ago. Now we're having normal heat and quite a lot of rain. Not too bad, but I'll be glad when September gets here. I don't like high humidity.

  3. It was 85 here Monday and Tuesday. Back down to 71 today. We really haven't had a summer here - just a spring. That wouldn't be a bad thing, except that it's been so rainy! My yard is so soggy that my lawn service has only been here half as much as normal. Not that I'm complaining about that bill being less! Good luck in the basement, where it should be a lot cooler if it's fully enclosed, although the humidity might kill you.

  4. Our paws are crossed that the weatherman is wrong and you get relief soon! Triple digits are just too darn hot! UGH!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Triple digits=TOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!


  6. I am thinking DTY might have slept in her basement yesterday night instead of her attic bedroom. I know they were one degree short of the 107° record in Portland yesterday. I hope you all get relief/change very soon!

  7. wow...i am just glad that the heat waited til i left! I remember the time it reached 100* in Seattle, crazy hot in a place with NO AC!!

  8. We're having a nasty 'ole time with heat & humidity here as well... ugh!

  9. I was chilly yesterday, and it's looking like rain again today. You may have your weather back. If I could figure out how to box it up and send it west again, I would.

    We still have humidity, wretched humidity, but sunshine and warmth would be nice more than a few hours here and there.

  10. 96 degrees in my house when I got home last night. It had cooled down to a chilly 84 when I got up this morning. Best reason to go to work this week: Air Conditioning. :)
    Anon. D.

  11. G, I feel for you in this heatwave. At least, here in the South, it happens all the time so we have AC to counteract it.
    "They did a really, really crappy job of cutting the sills and don't caulk or seal them in any way."
    Not true! Call Andersen and Raise H*ll!
    The window in our bathroom doesn't latch closed
    Make them fix it,
    one window came damaged and one is just the wrong window entirely
    I hope they are replacing them.

    Don't let them get away with crappy work. That is the installation contractor. Demand a different person if this one is so sloppy. What ever you do don't pay them the last of their money til it's all to your satisfaction.
    Our Andersen installation did not go like that at all. You really need to call your local Andersen office and complain loudly!


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