December 22, 2008

This One's For Jess

Jessica who's been to my house asked for a picture of the deck from the pond/patio. I don't think she meant when everything was covered with snow - but that's what I've currently got - so that's what you're getting! First photo - from the deck looking at the patio. On the left side of that photo you can see a table - that's the patio. This photo was taken from just above the table. Looking down onto the house and deck. You can just see the outline of what we call the upper deck. Because there is a step between the two levels.
In this <----- last photo, JB was standing just under the patio. Our back yard is all levels. From this view you can see how long the deck is and how deep the snow is. Yes for Western Washington that's deep!
The lower deck is 10' from the edge to just under the upper deck. The upper deck is 38' from that edge to the far edge. So - it's large. And of course because Beau is the best boy around he was out with JB running and playing in the snow.


  1. Wow...that looks awesome! Great job JB...i cannot wait to hang out on it this summer.
    I am impressed with the amount of snow. You are right, it is a LOT for the PNW!

  2. The slime on beau's nose is going to turn into ice in that frigid weather! lol :)


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