December 19, 2008

My Bags Are Packed

Project bags - who needs project bags when I have plastic zipper bags? How do you transport your knitting projects? So - do you think I'll have enough knitting for 2 weeks and 2 long flights? There's enough yarn for 4 pairs of socks. First - Mmmmmalabrigo Sock in the a lovely grapy colorway. US0 needles and a lovely pattern in the current issue of knit 'n style (scroll down). The pattern is lovely and will knit up well with this fiber. The pattern is designed for a heavier weight sock yarn so I will need to fiddle with it (don't laugh Cami)
Also going - Eagles sock yarn for simple no thought knitting. Us1s, toe up, both at the same time for JB. Either straight stockinette or rib - we'll see. Next - Claudia's Handpaints in Tropicanna. I'm thinking blueberry waffle socks but the pattern might be a bit much for the bright colors - in which case they will be plain jane stockinette, again from the toe up on US0s.
The last baggie you see up there? The Pink Dalmatian yarn gifted from Cami. I loved the pattern I was working on them but since I was doing both at the same time on a single circular needle, I was freaking out about how I was going to get the eyelets to travel around the leg when I got there. I loved the pattern I just worked for Miss L, so that's what the Pink Dalmatians will become.
Do you think I should take an extra hank or two, just in case?


  1. When in doubt, pack another project - or two. That's how I travel.


  2. Zip locks are wonderful! That is what I use also. Have a wonderful trip!

  3. I haven't used that specific colorway, but I have had lots of good results using Claudia's yarn in patterned socks. The runs of color seem to be the right length to break nicely with pattern stitches.
    Just my experience.
    (And yes, I'm biased. Claudia lives [and dyes] here in my town, is a member of our guild, and an occassional knit night attendee. And is a nice person!)

  4. You can never have too much to do on flights and airport layovers. Safe journey; Merry Christmas; hugs to both of you!

  5. Have a safe trip! And there's always room for more yarn. ;-)


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