December 3, 2008

Maybe I Didn't Tell You

but earlier this year when Miss D and I went to Madrona, I bought a kit that had been put together by a yarn store fairly close to my house for the felted hedgehog. This same store also had the felted dog bone on display but had sold out of the patterns. Well the hedgie kit has been taking up space in the studio since last February. A couple of weeks ago, I decided to throw it into my bag and take it along to knit night. Even though it involved counting - I was able to get most of the body done that night at knitting. When I got home, I finished the little contrast feet but had to wait until I could get a new needle to finish the back. About that time, I decided I was ready to start the bone. I had thought I could download the pattern on ravelry - but I was wrong! I called the same store I got the hedgie kit and had them ship me the pattern. Tuesday evening I finished hedgie and started on the bone. Friday I dumped them in the washer with some of JB's jeans. The bone is almost dry and ready to be finished. Hedgie will take a little bit longer. The top picture is pre-felting. The bottom is post-felting. The bone ended up a little distorted, but I think it will be fine. I'm not positive I'm going to give it to Lucy though. I have decided it's probably not the best idea to give a dog a felted wool toy in a house where wool lives.


  1. Gee, did my girls have anything to do with your epiphany?

    Is the bone too big to be a Christmas ornament?

    Fred would have stolen Hedgy. His favorite "baby" of all times was his hedgehog squeaky. Of course, he had about ten of them in his lifetime... And Gretchen has claimed the wee hedgy you sent in the spring as the one sacred toy Sissy may not share. She hides it back behind a chair, where only she can go.

  2. You're probably right about not teaching Lucy that she can play with wool. But your little hedgie is just adorable!

  3. Just wanted to let you know that the swap package made it safe and sound. It will be posted to my blog later this week. Thanks so much -- I loved everything!

  4. Those are both so cute! I can't blame you about the bone, though.

  5. I agree. Not only would you be training them to eat your yarn.. you are training them to eat my little Sheila! Rude! Its a good thing I live all the way across the country! lol


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