December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays

I found a studio that would let me take all 4 dogs in. So, I made an appointment when The Princess was home - and this is what we got. There wasn't one picture in the bunch where Beau had his tongue in his mouth! Back to Front:
The Musical One
JB, The Princess
Lucy, me, Beauregard
Dudley & Abigail Jane
{I'm currently in Costa Rica enjoying a bike tour}


  1. WOW!!! Fantastic family photo. Hope your trip is a blast!! Merry Christmas.

  2. Ok, now are you ENJOYING a bike ride, or are you just merely ON a bike ride? ;o)
    I love how Beau has his paw up on Abby. he cracks me up

  3. great photo! how could you *not* have the dogs in a family photo? :)

    how fabulous is costa rica?

  4. Love the family portrait, and um... all photographers don't allow dogs? (Seriously? One in town did my bridal portrait with the boy-dogs, and another did our first family portrait when the Page was a tyke and the boys were mere pups... time for another, eh?)

  5. Very nice!!! Even nicer that you are somewhere warm and lovely.

  6. Great photo! I hope you had a nice Christmas.

  7. Gaylen, I love the picture you sent!

    Remember you are welcome at our FL condo if you have time to visit.

    Hope you are enjoying the cruise...

  8. What a beautiful family! thanks for sharing!

  9. Such a great photo!
    Happy Holiday greetings to the whole lot of you!!!

  10. I just adored your photo when the card arrived!!!!!! That is got to be one of the best family pics ever! :)


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