July 16, 2008

Don't Tell Me

The dress is too big! I don't know what my problem is lately - I either sew for my really old body - the one that was 90+# heavier; or the slightly older body - the one that was 20+# slimmer; but I can't manage to sew for the body I'm currently living in. Looking at these photos - especially that side view - I really need to start standing up straight! I need to get some better foundation garments. I need to start working my arms out! However, I've said it before and I'll say it again - for 44 I don't look horrible! This was a super simple dress to make and while I'm not sure the style is particularly flattering on my - I might actually make it again. In another fun summer cotton print. Both of the bust darts need to be lowered. The front is too wide, but I believe I could keep the back the size it is and just overlap the back sections more. That would make the need for a specialty bra unnecessary. Some people spend a lot of time on photo shoots. I'm obviously not one of them. I had just finished the dress and ran upstairs to try it on. It was about 8:00 p.m. and JB had just got home from work. he was going to take the photo on the back deck with the coolers in the frame. At the end I was looking at something and he snapped a photo. I don't have a photographer who keeps snapping until he gets a flattering photo - he takes one shot - either use it or don't! The dress is Butterick 5028 and the original post can be found here. And from Sommerset, how about a parting shot? I love daisies! I think they are such fun, innocent, friendly flowers. We have a bunch in the yard - and I thought one might like to be shown with my daisy :) Yep - it's really a tattoo on my foot!


  1. Maybe make the skirt panels a little bit narrower from the hip up. That would solve some of your fullness issues. One thing I'm good at is posture, because I have a bad hip, so I stand up super straight to avoid as much "standing pain" as possible! I do like the basic idea of this dress, and making it again in another cheerful summer print would be nice!

    BTW, I'll be emailing you later - just returned from the airport...

  2. I think the dress is really cute and it looks very comfortable. I agree you do need to stand up straight - and the only reason I can say that is because I do too! LOL I can still hear my mom saying "SUSAN, STAND UP STRAIGHT!" and yes her voice was definately raised. And by the way, you look great. I know what you mean about working the arms out. I'm trying but I'm just not consistent enough.

    Dh takes pictures the same way - one shot only and I can only hope it's decent. Mine all look very frumpy and I really thought I was taller! LOL

  3. Have you seen those weighted torture devices they advertise in quilting magazines (and I think 'Keepsake Quilting' sells them) that you wear to pull out the slump as you sew? I have the same prob with not throwing the shoulders back, but it's more because I used to wear a K (yes, you read that right) cup bra. Thank God for good plastic surgeons. Your dress is pretty, and a well-seasoned pink. That must've been why it was lounging in the stash so long! Anxiously awaiting the rebuilt version... you gonna show us any more ink???? *smooches* C

  4. I think your pink dress is really cute and look good on you. I agree with Marjie. Cannot wait to see more. It looks so comfortable and summery.

  5. Cute dress! I know, i need to stand up straight, too. My shoulders are beginning to round! ACK!

  6. It is a cute dress, and while you know I know SQUAT about sewing, anything that allows for the wearing of a "normal" bra is a wonderful thing...

  7. the dress is very pretty, but, sorry, it doesn't fit. :( the bodice needs to be more snug. the one photo with the shoulder slipping off is very telling. the bodice is too wide. ideally, the bodice seam needs go lower.

    to save this particular dress, you could add something in the back to sort of cinch in the bodice a bit....a tie, a bit of elastic on the inside.

    however, it is very pretty. as is, it would be a great dress to wear on weekends when you want to be comfortable while puttering around the house.

    it is so interesting how we get a set image of our body stuck in our heads. every time i see a photo of myself standing next to someone else, i say, "wow! i really am short!" like this is new information or something. :) in my head, i am not short.


  8. Okay - I know you are going to work on the fit of the dress so that you get one that flatters you..but I was LOL about the you get one photo so use it...but I have to admit that the one of you leaning over looking at something is actually the best of all three! Tell JB I said hi!!! :)

  9. you look darling!!! seeing your beautiful yard with daisies, and grass so green it was to be from the PNW makes me homesick! i vote for making more cute dresses!


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