July 13, 2008

Strike While the Iron is Hot

I haven't felt much like sewing garments lately - so I've been knitting and doing craft sewing. Don't get me wrong - I love the crafting sewing, but garment sewing is my first love. So this afternoon while I was finally running my errands - picking up fresh fruits and veggies and rounding out the meat in the freezer. I started thinking about a pretty summer dress pattern and a piece of pink floral fabric that had been in the cupboard since right around the time The Princess was born (trust me - that's a long time ago). As soon as I had dealt with the food, I left the car in the driveway - believe it or not, we actually park in the garage. Anyway - JB had offered to vacuum my car as I was leaving. I made some comment about how I'd like to get done while I still had some day. I had enough day left to iron the fabric and pattern tissue. To cut out the dress and bodice lining, I may still cut a lining for the skirt. and to construct the bodice. Tomorrow morning, I'll be constructing the skirt and checking to see if I have a suitable zipper. Hopefully, by this week's knit night - I'll have a fun new summer dress. The pattern is Butterick 5028, and I think it might be almost as old as the fabric.


  1. That will be a beautiful dress. I love the fabric and can tell the dress style will be very flattering.

    I spent $80 at the produce market on Saturday!!!! I couldn't believe it when they told me the total. But I do have a well stocked fridge now with all good-for-you foods!

  2. that will be gorgeous. perfect for summer.

  3. How pretty! Love the fabric.

  4. Bright, cheery fabric! What could be more perfect for a summer dress? I look forward to seeing it!

  5. Okay what struck me was that your fabric is almost exactly like what is on the pattern envelope...very kewl! Looking forward to seeing this finished up...and ummm how are we doing with the Metro Textiles stash? I gotta ask...I promised JB!


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