July 31, 2008

Dogs at Play, Part 2

Remember Dogs at Play?

See, they really were chasing Lucy.

That's her tail in the top right of the photo,

with Abby right behind her and Beau bringing up the rear.

Oops - they caught her!

Lucy is laying on the ground, Abigail is telling her to get up and run

And Beau is chewing on her nose.

Dudley had to get in on the act.


  1. I love it. I wish Sissy had someone to play with like that... She's so submissive that I didn't even let her off leash last night during the play session...

  2. Thor doesn't know other dogs. He thinks he's a kid. Last night he was chasing bunnies away from the boys to protect them. Never trust a sneaky wabbit (ask Elmer Fudd)!

  3. What fun ! You have some great photos too.

  4. I've missed seeing your "kids". They look like they're having a ball!

  5. Well it looks like they all are having grand fun! Love the pictures.

  6. oh, i just love those houndages of yours.


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