July 17, 2008

Dogs at Play

Lately we have been letting the dogs play in the front yard.
Lucy likes checking out the yard.
Run Lucy
the other dogs are gonna catch you - run! Okay, now I'm tired. Can I have a cookie mom?
Head on over to Dogs on Thursday and check out other dogs at play.


  1. Where would we be without our canine babies??? Lucy is too cute!!

  2. Run, Lucy, Run!

    Does she like playing with the garden hose? Thor loves to chase the water.

  3. Run, Run, Run... Lola wants to join her!

  4. She could come stretch her legs with Sissy!

  5. I love watching those big ole ears flop when they run. :-)

  6. Awww, they are so cute! I'm pretty sure Abby would love to come and join them.

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