July 25, 2008

Crafting Again

This little bag has now been received by my friend Chan. I had started out to make her the 'perfect' bag. The first bag I made wouldn't be it. It might work for a day or two, but it wasn't going to fill all the dreams she has about a bag. So one day when posting about a top I had finished, I noticed that the pattern had a little handbag included. Hey - I said to myself - that might work. I looked at the pattern and thought it might be a little big. See Chan doesn't want a huge bag, she'll put too much in it and hurt herself. So, I cut some width off the pattern and a bit of the length too. I added a piece for the bottom, so it had some contrast on the outside. I think it's fun. I used some bead pins and attached beads to the bottom as 'feet.' (Chan, those can easily be removed by taking the bottom stabilizer piece out.) I also put a pocket on the inside for a phone and added a little loop for attaching keys. Unfortunately, once it was finished I think I trimmed too much off the pattern, it's not large enough to hold a 8 1/2 x 11 piece of patter - which was important. So, the making with continue - but not until after I made the revised version of the sundress :)


  1. As my daughters would say, "Wohoo for new sundress!" Summer is too short in the northern half of the country. We need sundresses while we can use them. The bag can wait until next week. Chan will be happy anyway.

  2. GREAT bag!!!! Very cute!!! :) You're such a great friend!

  3. At some point in the next couple of days, they'll get MY review of said bag. It's the perfect SMALL bag. (The Knight believes it is all that should EVER be necessary.)

  4. i saw the bag that you made for chan on her blog... i am completely and totally in love with it! any chance that you might share the pattern info? please???


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