August 31, 2006

Wool Flannel

I just got an email from and I love this fabric! But, again, I'm asking for help from the internet sewing mavens. The description says I can use the fabric for a coat or lined slacks, but I want a skirt. I don't wear slacks, nor do I have a pattern that fits. Can I make a lined skirt from this Fabric? I'm looking foward to a long weekend. Last week Mr. J and I spent 3 days in Disneyland with the other staff and spoused from my office. While we had fun, it wasn't much of a 'weekend' if you understand what I mean. So, this weekend, I have 3 days off, then I work 3 days and have another 3 days off! I have big plans! I get to pick my sewing machine up tomorrow during lunch (I hope) and then I'll be all set to play :)


  1. Gaylen ~ the wool flannel will work great for a straight lined skirt. I don't know how well it drapes?! I always think of more tailored pieces for wool flannel. BTW, The Closer is having a marathon tomorrow on TNT. Sewing and one of my fav TV shows! Yes!

  2. Hello! I found this blog entry as I was searching for information pertaining to caring for wool flannel...
    Anyway, wool flannel drapes wonderfully and is very suitable for skirts. I'm going to make a jumper dress and two skirts out of the massive yardage I got from recently. Did you make anything out of yours yet?


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