August 16, 2006

How About Knitting This Time?

So, thought I would post some more photos - knitting this time. These three little bears were dressed by me. The local radio stations do bear drives, people purchase and donate the bears. The owner of the LYS that I love (Great Yarns) is on the board for one of the Moyer Foundation charities. Camp Erin is a grief camp for kids who have suffered a death of a loved one. Fontelle provides yarn, patterns, food and opens her store two evenings during the summer. The first night we pick out bears, scraps of yarn to make clothes, have dinner - this year it was on the lawn - and visit with other knitters. It is always fun. Anyway, a dressed bear is placed on the bed of every child who attends Camp Erin. The bear is theirs to keep forever. This is totally a selfish feel good project. The 3 outfits shown were completed in a weekend. I will make more next year. Shown at the left is a warshcloth from Mason Dixon Knitting. I have made 2 of this style warshcloths. The other one is pink. I like this pattern, but it takes too much thought and concentration. You can see the stack of Ball Band Warshcloths on the left of this little beauty. Here is a small sampling of the ball bands that I have made. I have given 6 of them away to date and just keep making more - my kids just roll their eyes at me. But then - they give me reason to roll my eyes at them, too. For Example - May I present Abigail and The Princess, both lying on their backs on the hardwood floor - silly girls! I will have to add the girls later as suddenly Blogger won't let me add photos! hrmmpt!


  1. i just got my warshrags today...and i see them in your blog, too!!
    I LOVE them....yours are on the way!

  2. You go girl.........with those warshcloths!

    I love the idea of that camp - that must be very healing for the children who attend. Hugs to you for helping.

    Want pictures of the dogs!


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