June 1, 2006

June Already?

I can't believe that it is June already. I'm not sure how I did on my May goals. I'll have to review them and get back to you. I think one June goal has to be to figure out how to speed up my home computer and figure out the digital camera. I can do this - others do. June Sewing Goals: --sew blue swing skirt --sew paisley print pieces - skirt and santa monica tee --cut and sew forest print skirt, decide between S7229 or KS3098 skirt patterns --cut and sew pink knit into S4669 top VA --cut and sew lined white eyelett skirt, decide between S5914 or NL6461 June Knitting Goas: --seam the Pink Wool Ease Sweater and finish the neckline --continue working on the 'short sleeve top' from Knit Simple spring/summer 2006 . This is being knit out of cotton, in a pretty shade of tourquise. Current status, back ribbing done. Back and front to be complete by end of the month. Okay so let's just take a little look at those May Goals, shall we? * finish print jean jacket - cut, interfaced and ready to sew. What's the hold up? This is still in the same state. Well, I have recut the jacket a size smaller and with the front seam pockets per Gigi's article in Threads. *I need new skirts, decide on 3 styles/patterns and find fabric in the stash. I think this counts as finished. I picked 3 pieces of fabric, three different patterns and actually got one of the skirts sewn and warn. *Finish sleeves of Wool-Ease sweater currently on the needles, and sew up. Both sleeves are complete, but no sewing has happened as of yet. *Beau bag. nada *Knitting bag and needle roll x 2. I'm only working on one set of these right now. But both the bag and the needle roll are cut. The pockets are embroidered and sewn into the lining. I need to purchase a longer zipper and hope to work on it tonight. *Dog print tote bag. Have everything ready to go, it's taking up space on the cutting table currently. So the answer is technically no. *couple of dog bears from fake fur. No. The dogs got some new toys and don't need bears right now :) Guess I better get off the computer and head straight into the sewing room - looks like I have a little bit to get done :> Happy Sewing Everyone!!

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  1. Gaylen ~ I admire you putting your list out there for the world to see! Me, I keep mine on a piece of paper hidden so no one can see what I have and haven't accomplished! *smile* Good luck with your June goals. I hope you get many good sewing days this month to accomplish them!


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