December 20, 2018

Dressing Like Gramps

This little lady is already pretty particular about her clothing.  But, I knew she liked this shirt and matching Gramps would be fun!  This little girl is still pretty tiny, but tall.  So, GiGi has been making her clothes custom - The flag shirt is a medium width and an extra large length, with more length added.  Again, I added 3" at the lengthen/shorten line and I think the length is just about perfect for a tunic.  For this shirt, I didn't add any elastic or drawstrings at the waist.  While I really liked the concept on her flannel shirt, I know that she doesn't like anything too tight or restrictive.  I thought I might be pushing my luck with the fabric because it's still a bit stiff

If you've been paying attention - so far I've made Daddy & Daughter sweaters; coordinating Eleanor & GiGi Sweaters; Matching Gramps shirts and I made Momma & baby matching outfits.  I think this wraps up the coordinated clothing - all before her second birthday! 

Where do you stand on matching outfits?  Love 'em or leave 'em? 


  1. Call me a sentimental fool, but I love them. These pictures are too adorable for words!

  2. It’s all about the child. If they love it, I’m all for matching. I think it’s cute.

  3. Definitely love matching outfits, and the one you just made looks so cute!!!

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