May 18, 2016

If the Dress is an Appleton, is the Top Just an Apple?

Yes - I know - Cashmerette made an expansion pack to make turn the dress into a top.  I didn't use it.  I didn't even compare my pieces to her expansion pack because while I didn't get this sewn up prior to it's release it was cut out in early February.

Lately my thing has been to cut out as many things from each piece of fabric as I can get.  Often they are all for me - but sometimes one of my daughters gets a bonus piece of clothing added to their closet.  I've also been spending a weekend and half (or so) each month cutting multiple pieces and then spending the rest of the month sewing them up.  This system works for me when I go to Sew Camp but it usually backfires for home sewing.  So far - it's working well.  I will admit occasionally I get sidetracked and a new garment gets cut before everything is sewn up - but not often.  

But this - this got sewn up!  And I love it.  I have worn it with this grey ponte magic pencil skirt as well as with jeans.  It's comfortable and easy to wear.

I have a new photographer - can you tell?  She was literally making me dance all over the yard.  My husband had shoulder surgery in early March and currently can't hold the camera.

I have no idea if the photos are getting better or not - but we had loads of fun!

Sometimes, I wrap the ties around to the back one more time and tie them in the back.

I feel a bit sassy secretary in this outfit!  The instruction was to "walk like a model" - I think I failed.  

Do you make up multiple garments from one fabric?  


  1. What a good pattern hack! And yes I can tell that Jessica is now taking your pics!

  2. Yes, sassy secretary!! Fabulous as a top.

  3. I think that top looks fabulous on you with that charcoal gray skirt! This batch cutting thing seems to be working for you!

  4. Such a great top! I love the pink on you too!

  5. Definitely! Whether I cut all the garments at once, or revisit the remnant later, I squeeze as many garments out of a cut of fabric as possible. Waste not want not...


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