March 4, 2015

Sewing Space Redo

Close to the end of February, Carolyn sent me a text asking if I was going to Expo and if she could tag along.  Seriously!  Who would say no to Carolyn?  I had made plans to head down to Expo with Niema, Bird & Bicycle, and Melizza.  Good thing I drive a jeep!  Even if I had to rent a minivan  there was no way I was telling Carolyn no.  Since I had just finished the fabric re-org, the push was on to get the sewing furniture rearranged before Carolyn got here.  

View from the hallway - as you enter the sewing space.
2 weekends ago - JB and I found that darling little dark brown desk that the coverstitch machine is on at a garage sale and paid $30 for it.  I have serger threads in the left side drawers and the right side drawers are currently empty.  As are the plastic drawers to the right of the desk.  We picked the desk up on Saturday and moved loads of furniture the next day.  

standing at the yarn cupboard, looking out.  
The space is so much more open now.  It's easier to get to the notions.  Although it still needs work - I need to work on pattern organization.  I need to aware of loading up the shelves under the cutting table again and piling stuff (patterns, fabric, etc) on top of the cutting table. 

Looking into the space from the sliding glass door.
I'm not sure why I ever moved the cutting table from under the light.  After using the new space on Sunday with Carolyn hanging out and giving guidance and gentle prodding - I've learned a couple of things - I need a lamp by the ironing board if I'm going to be working down here after dark and I need several more garbage cans.

The sewing space is working great for 2 people to work together in it.  There are chairs for sitting and doing handwork, and chairs for sitting and visiting and directing.


  1. I love it!!! It looks like such a welcoming space to spend time. I also love the green walls. I've been planning on painting my sewing room green, but am not looking forward to moving things to do it. I have a lot of clutter on cutting table and I need to fix that... I just ordered several dritz cardboard pattern boxes from create4less. They were only about $4/each. My patterns are outgrowing my old system! Maybe it's time to start a new pattern pyramid?

  2. Great arrangement of your furniture for separate working areas. I love the openness of this space. It sure puts my tiny sewing room to shame.

  3. Looks like a very efficient use of space!

  4. Absolutely wonderful.... I had read on Carolyn's blog where you girls had went to the Expo.. Know you had so much fun... And getting to sew, in that wonderful room of yours ..i know was fantastic..
    Looks great.. Happy sewing in your new space.
    ps..great find on that desk..

  5. You know I didn't direct that much! *LOL* I could spend days in that amazing sewing've arranged a wonderful space to create in!

  6. Great sewing space! Love it!

  7. What a lovely place you have to work there! Lighting for pressing and sewing always seems to be a problem for me. It's hard to find lamps that both look good AND provide enough light without taking up too much valuable table space.

  8. It looks great and a perfect place to sew. More light is always a good thing.

  9. What a great space!! Looks like a fun place to sew!

  10. The space looks great! Glad it is working!!

  11. That looks like a very comfy work space. Mine is currently piles with boxes and papers and junk. I really do need to get to work on it.


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