November 3, 2014

Long Time - No Post

It reaches a point when you haven't blogged in a while where you wonder - do I want to blog?  Do I start where I left off or start where I am now and just catch up or carry on?

Well - I do want to blog.  I miss being in this place.  I believe I'll just start with where I am now and maybe catch up - or maybe not.

I have been sewing - though not loads.  September and October were busy months with a visit from the kids (catch up post) and a wedding and vacation.

I made my mother of the bride dress.  I started it the first weekend in September and worked on it every moment I wasn't working the entire month.  I finished hemming it the night before we flew out.

I also knit 7 shawls - one for the bride, one for each bridesmaid and one for each of the mom's (mother of the bride, mother of the groom, and the bride's step-mom).

I did loads of things I've never done before when sewing.  I underlined the entire dress with organza, hand basting the organza to the silk dress with silk thread before cutting each piece from the silk.  I wish I had had more time, to do a test run of the techniques, because while I was comfortable in the dress, I don't think it's my best work.  And it's probably not surprising to any of you if I tell you the dress is too big for me.  I seem to consistently have issues with making a dress actually fit me.

The Musical One (Maid of Honor) with me pre-wedding
 There aren't any great photos of just me in the dress.  There are a few where you can see the dress better - but I don't like them, so you won't see them.

The dress is a Vogue Designer pattern by Kay Unger, #1392  If you click the link, you will notice my dress is different.  I fell in love with the pattern and had to make it.  I think my fabric was a bit too soft or fluid for this pattern, but I did it anyway.  The Princess (also known as the bride for this post) met up with Carolyn back in July and they went to Mood and bought silk, silk and more silk for my dress and it was mailed to me.

There are no construction photos of the dress.  I need to learn how to get them out of my phone.  Okay - I feel like this post is disjointed and bouncing all over the place - so I'll leave you with unofficial photos from the wedding.
the bride and her mom - post wedding.

JB and the Bride

my girls - The Princess and The Musical One


  1. What beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I was privileged to see you model your MOB dress at last Saturday's Seattle ASG annual meeting and fashion show, and I have to say that I think it is BEAUTIFUL. Very flattering, well-fitting, and moves so gracefully as you walk. We sewists are always the sharpest critics of our own work, but I say that this effort should definitely go in the "triumph" column.

  3. I agree with Silver Mom! I saw pics of you in the dress that JB and the Bride shared, and you were stunning! I think that was just a dress to make not one to share the journey of! Also the shawls were beautiful!!!

  4. Welcome back!!

    Beautiful photos :) I am in awe of the shawls too. Wow!

  5. You look amazing!! Congrats on your daughters wedding! Thank you for sharing!

  6. So good to see you back Gaylen! You look so pretty in your dress and your knitting as always is amazing!

  7. Seven shawls and a dress! You do like to pressure yourself, don't you. That said, the shawl you're wearing is gorgeous as are you in your garnet gown.

    Welcome back to blogland. I missed you.

  8. The color of your dress is beautiful. And the shawls-- wow. I don't knit, but I am impressed! :)

  9. You and your daughters sure look beautiful!! I think your dress is gorgeous and I just love your shawls. I can't believe that you knitted all of them. Nothing wrong with taking a blog break, but glad you're back! :)

  10. What beautiful pictures. Your dress is stunning. I email the pics on my phone to myself it that helps.

  11. Sounds like you've been busy. I love your dress, you should put it back on and get more photos :). And that shawl looks gorgeous too - I can't believe how many you made!
    Also it's your blog - do what you want!

  12. What a beautiful bride..Both your girls are beautiful..
    They dress looks pretty on you, [from what I could see]
    I have missed your blog post.. Proud your back..[I too, have not posted much.
    lots going on]

  13. That color is fabulous on you.
    Congratulations on the dress, the day, the bride....all happiness to everyone! ;-)

  14. Oh, K & J look wonderful! And I love the color of your dress, and I"m glad you felt good in it. Your shawls are lovely, and I'm certain everyone appreciated them. October was pretty warm here in the northeast, so your daughter got very lucky. I'm sure it was a wonderful trip. My first daughter has announced her engagement, too, so there's a bride in my future! Hope life settles back down for you, and you can find time to sew, knit and post. I hope the houndies are happy and healthy, too.

  15. Gosh, you have been busy - and if you don't fancy posting, don't. Although I would like to know more about the shawls, being a knitter and all! I find that at times, blogging can seem like a bit of a chore, and that is not how it should be (in my mind). And so I wait until I am ready to post again - it doesn't mean that I have stopped knitting or sewing, sometimes it is a matter of not being able to get good photos, other times I just don't have the words.

    Congrats on all the sewing - I hope you will share more :)

  16. This looks like a truly magical day for your daughter! And your frock (what sneak peak we get) looks lovely!

  17. Beautiful!! I love your makeup. You look like the bride's other sister!! What I could see of the dress is amazing, as is the shawl. Lovely ladies, all three of you. I regret deeply that we couldn't be there.

  18. Oh, I am so glad to see you back again and I'm glad you've decided to continue blogging. It looks like a wonderful day for the wedding and I love the photo of your two girls together.


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