August 19, 2013

Simplicity 1717

Inspired by skirts I saw in a recent Talbots catalog and some really cute skirts one of the girls (seriously, she's younger than either of my kids!) at work wears, I decided it was time to try a new pattern. 

Because I had good luck with Simplicity's Amazing Fit pencil skirt pattern,
I picked up Simplicity 1717 their A-line skirt pattern.  This pattern has 4 pieces - front skirt (cut 2) back skirt (cut 2) front and back yokes and optional pockets.  So far I've left the pockets off. 

As with all of the amazing fit patterns you sew the front and back together and then you baste the side seams to know where to sew them.  I've now made this skirt twice and I gave the first version away.  The first time I made it - I cut the longer length and cut the size that was determined by my measurements.  I used the "curvy" back.  I compared the back darts to the simplicity amazing fit sheath dress pattern that a friend helped me fit. 

After putting the skirt together, I basted the side seams and then took them in another 5/8" at the waist taping back out to the seams by the high hip.  While this version was a bit short for me, it would have been fine for weekend wear - if it wasn't too big!  I probably should have started with a smaller size pattern.

Version #2 was made with a blue polka dot cotton that I underlined with white cotton batiste.  I added 2" to the length and it was perfect.  I could hem it and the length felt good.  When I basted the side seams together - I was able to take another inch and half at the waist, an inch below the yoke and half an inch between that spot and my full hip. 

I have worn this skirt to work twice and I really like it.  It fits without being over-fitted (at least it doesn't feel too tight - but looking at these photos - well I'm rethinking everything I know).

I have actually worn this skirt with a white tee tucked in and a red cardigan.  I also put on red flats when I'm at work.  My jewelry is either red or blue depending on my mood in the morning.

I'm not going to show the side view because honestly it's very unflattering.  If it does anything - it's convincing me it's time to push through the pain in my leg and start working out.  Several blogs I follow are making changes (Angie, Debbie, Lynne) with amazing results - it's time for me to follow suit.  The Princess is getting married in 14 months and I do *not* want to be the fat mother of the bride.  Even the Princess has lost 15# since she was home in July and bought her wedding dress.  Okay - enough pity party. 

I think this is a good pattern for a nice A-line skirt.  I plan to make some in wool this Fall and Winter.  I would suggest flat pattern measuring before deciding on what size you make.  Let me know if you make this one up. 


  1. Nice skirt. Something you can use with a lot of tops. I am going to try some skirts soon but think I will start with a straight skirt.

  2. Love the skirt! Very flattering on you, too!
    I am with you on the fitness thing. It is a lot of hard work, but i am FINALLY beginning to see a least in my arms. the gut seems to be holding onto the flab..stupid-turning-40-lets-hang-on-to-EVERYTHING-syndrome! LOL!! Of course its that, right? Not the wine and food....noooooo!!!

  3. ooo - I really like it! Such a practical and versatile length too. I haven't tried any of the Amazing Fit patterns yet but they are in my to-do queue.
    How lovely to be a Mother of the Bride! Great inspiration to look your best. Let us know how you get on with the plans.

  4. Gorgeous Sew UP !!! You look wonderful in the skirt. I wish I could wear them....My legs are just too heavy. Simplicity has been around for so long and is still such a great Resource for my sewing friends. SOME DAY I'll sew...maybe...

  5. I love the skirt! And "we" do not push through pain. That's a luxury for young athletes. Listen to your body - and your doctor - and ease into activity so you don't make a bad situation worse... please?

  6. A-line skirts are by far the most flattering style of skirt. I used to wear them all the time when I was working - many made with wool.

    I agree with Chan: do not push through pain because it causes even more damage to the body.

  7. Congrats on being 'mother of the bride'. What are you going to wear? Listen to the others about listening to your body. If there's pain, it's telling to take it easy.

  8. Pretty skirt, love the color ! I use M3341 for my A-line skirts. Full agreement here, flat pattern measuring is the only way to go - I don't know WHAT they're thinking with those envelope measurements :-)

    I know you've started and I'm encouraging but don't overdo it - don't hurt yourself !

  9. A line skirts are really flattering. Whenever I wear one, my dearly beloved always tells me I look "skinny", which is what every girl wants to hear, right? I like that color. My old a-line skirt is from my pre-Ryan days, so I really need to replace it. I'm thinking that I'll go to Joann's - maybe they'll have a Labor Day pattern sale? I love this skirt on you; the color is great.

  10. Cute. Like the color combos, and it looks like a great flattering style & fit!


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