May 14, 2013

Week of Happy


One of the blogs I read regularly, is not a sewing blog - she's a knitting blog.  And I've developed a relationship with her and have done a fair amount of test knitting for her in the past.  She is currently participating in 52 weeks of happy.  (No links - because I don't feel like it.)

I love the idea of a week of happy.  It rather goes along with my Thankful Thursday theme - in that it really is the small things in life that make a difference.  So - with not a lot of sewing going on lately and big complicated knitting projects - I'm giving you sneak peaks and talking about the small things that make a difference. 

The shawl, over <--- a="" and="" borrow="" bride="" chair.="" enter="" fair.="" from="" going="" hanging="" i="" in="" it="" m="" nbsp="" p="" s="" shawl="" that="" the="" there="" this="" to="" wedding="">

As Beau gets older and is more willing to listen and hang in the front yard with JB, he's allowed to do that more.  He was laying in the sun and I stepped out to see where he was - he sat up and looked at me.  To me, his face just says 'what?' to me. 

If you follow me on instagram, you may have seen some of the other things that made me happy last week, they include:

*the view downtown from my office
*impromptu parties on the deck with friends
*smoked bacon

What's brought you happy this week?


  1. The unexpected gift of a Poco CD from a friend; making positive headway on UFOs in the sewing studio; getting the garden in before the rain...I could go does feel good to list your happy! Thanks!

  2. • Finally painting two patio chairs that have needed it for over five years. Who knows why I've put it off this long.

    • Finishing the mitered square baby blanket

    • Seeing a Shakespearean play by talented university theater students.

  3. Pretty shawl. Beautiful Beau. I'm glad you're finding happy.

    Unexpected blooming rose bushes brought me happy this week, as have my friends, the fur-girls and the Knight, and so did a surprise, cute card.

  4. That's a pretty shawl; is it the one you gave the adorable bride?

    Love the picture of Beau sitting in the sunshine, enjoying the day.

    Happy Tuesday!

  5. awww that pup looks just adorable.

    Whats making me happy today? THe chives I seeded are sprouting in the garden! The wren can be heard in out yard again...I rarely see the wren I just hear its trilling song. IT is 80 degrees out In Chicago and that's amazing and wonderful

  6. Four of my grandboys came for dinner and a visit. That made me very happy. Sunshine to finish out the week...that makes me happy. Seeing your instagram office view photos...that makes me happy.

  7. Beau is so beautiful. I love his face--it's very kissable!!

    A Cardinal family that visits daily has made me happy this week. The mom, dad an two little boys (I know because they are turning red) are enjoying the feeders and suet. So sweet!!


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