December 19, 2011


Before leaving the DC area - we took the subway out to Arlington.
It was the only day of our entire trip when it rained - and I mean dumped down water.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Changing of the Guard

Row upon row upon row of headstones.
The majority of the people buried here defended our right to do whatever we want.

The amphitheater at the Tomb of the Unknown.

This was a very sobering day for us and not just because of the rain.
I'm glad we made time to get there.


  1. I could have spent hours and hours roaming around Arlington.

  2. It's a sobering place. The Union - er, US - basically stole it from Mrs. Robert E Lee. It was HER family's homeplace. However, the history and sacrifice rather literally pluse through the place, right?

    I loved Easter services there too.

  3. That entire area is so full of history that you can't help but feel it. I enjoyed living there and learning so much.

  4. It is an amazing place. My grandfather is buried there, as is my grandmother. (I think it is very nice that the spouse of the veteran can be buried there as well.)

  5. It's especially meaningful because you were there so close to Veteran's Day. Every day I'm thankful for those who defend (past and present) the right to do whatever we want. Lovely pictures.

  6. Arlington truly is an amazing place. A few years ago, my Civil War troupe participated in the wreath laying at Christmas time. I picked a random grave that had nothing on it, said a little prayer, and just marveled at the size and sorrow of the place.

  7. An impressive place ~ as it ought to be. Thanks for sharing your pictures :)

  8. I think every American should make a trip to Arlington so that they can see how many lives have been sacrificed for our freedoms. As you say it is a very sobering place.

  9. I was there the year I was 19. Even though still a teenager, I remember the feelings I had at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, it was so solemn. Glad you got to visit.

  10. On the day you posted this I was there. A good friend of my parents had his ashes interred with full military ceremony... flag folding, guns fired, taps on a bugle, the somber respect filled demeanor of the young men (navy for this service)... it was incredibly moving.
    It is a fascinating place of history too. Near by his spot were the ashes of a couple women who served in WWII, including an air pilot. A female military pilot in the forties!


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