April 4, 2011

There has been sewing

But there is no proof.

I recently made  my first pattern from Ottobre magazine.
The first pattern was a cardigan from the 5/2007 issue - but I can't find any pictures on line.
The cardigan is part of a twin set, but I need another length of velvet ribbon before it's wearable.
 I had made the twin set to go with the skirt completely unwearable skirt that was the first take from the Simplicity Pencil Skirt pattern.
So now I need a new skirt to wear it.

However - I'm thrilled beyond words with how these patterns fit me.
Soon there will be finished sewing - I promise.
Sunday night I cut out the top on the cover of the February 2011 issue.
I already made a smokin' hot skirt to wear with it.


  1. Wanna' see the finished goods, please??

  2. I'm not familiar with that magazine. What are the patterns like?

  3. You get more done than I can ever dream of...waiting (almost patiently) to see the twin set.

  4. That's pretty! Perfect office wear!

  5. LOVE the fabric and the style. Saw it finished in the upper post and it looks stunning. Great job.


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