December 11, 2010


Westlake Center - Downtown Seattle
December 2010


  1. VERY pretty! Have a joyous weekend!

  2. Oh, that is beautiful. I miss the city lights at Christmas.Syracuse is expected to have seven feet of snow by the end of the weekend, so I probably couldn't see the lights over the snow drifts anyway.

    I may be calling tomorrow.

  3. Beautiful! Looks like you and your new camera are getting along well. Hope you do the RR challenge next Saturday. Did you see whose idea it was??

  4. Oh, how pretty!

    Hope you're having a good ASG day, and that you get moved back into the studio.

  5. Very purty!!!! I need to find something to get my spirit flowing...

  6. So pretty!!! Nice capture too ~ it's hard to take such a picture of lights at night.

  7. I agree that is beautiful, my nephew lives in Kirtland and he says that it looks great. I love Seattle....but just too cold for me. Great shot.. :) Debb


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