November 16, 2009

Dear Rowenta

My dear Rowenta - I was thrilled beyond words when I decided that you were going to come live with me. Tickled pink with your features - promises of your stainless steel soleplate stole my heart away. The promises of your extra large water tank were thrilling. 90 minutes of ironing - without running out of steam? You must be joking! The fact that you have a stable base and your own iron rest. Well that was just fabulous. And then there were the whispered works about adjustable steam output and and your extra long cords. So in March 2008 I bit the bullet and spent a fair bit of money buying you. I loved you. I packed you to 3 retreats and I was devastated when you quit heating. It was the strangest thing ever - one day you were pressing and the next you were stone cold. Why yes, I had plugged you and turned you on. But I loved all your features - your 33 ounce water tank and especially the fact that you didn't turn yourself off. Huge! There is nothing worse than being ready to press a seam you've just sewn only to find out your iron has turned itself off and you have to wait for it to heat up again. So - I headed out to purchase another. I'm sure you can appreciate exactly how devastated I was when after one and a quarter tanks of water you just quit producing steam. Seriously? I'm sure you'll also understand that after I return you to the store where you were purchased less than 2 weeks ago I'll be looking for a different brand of iron. Right now this one is in the lead.


  1. I iron only slightly more than I sew, but still. My old $50 "boy" soldiers on, after something like 15 years. I was thinking he needed to be replaced, but he still works and pumps out steam longer than *I* care to iron, so I think I'll be content.

    Good luck.

  2. my rowenta lasted about 7 years. i guess i can't complain given that it was used almost daily. i have since replaced it with a cheapie from target. perhaps, one day, i will invest in another rowenta. for now, i figure i can burn through several cheapies for the price of the rowenta.

  3. I had hoped to someday own a Rowenta, but now I'm going to rethink this. My old trusty no name iron is still working after twenty some years, so I guess I'll wait till it dies before thinking about a replacement.

  4. Oh dear. My last Rowenta steam iron (with the tank) lasted three years, and I'm pretty sure it quit working because I knocked the tank onto the floor a time or two (okay maybe more than that...)

    I bit the bullet and bought another one six months ago, and placed it so I can't/won't knock it to the ground.

    I'll be watching to see which one you purchase and what you think of it.

  5. I killed three Rowentas is less than ten years. The love affair was definitely over. I hope that the iron you choose is perfect for your needs...and lasts a good, long time.

  6. My boys bought me a Rowenta for Christmas 2 years ago, although not the one with the stand like that. The 4 big guys got up their courage, marched into Macy's, and had decided Jeff, the tallest, should talk to the clerk. So, he said to her, "My mother will only use a very heavy iron. Which one do we need?" Without hesitation, she handed him the Rowenta. I don't know that I'd have tried another one when the first one died after only 18 months, especially not at the price. And, to be fair, I have an ancient pink iron in the cupboard, which I got for about $3 at a garage sale around 1975. It's so old the cord is cloth covered. But it's heavy, and it still works. So it sits in reserve for when I need it again. Good luck with your next selection.


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