November 25, 2014

Vogue 8944 - Again with the Catchy Title!

 Hey - I made a new dress!  

This is Vogue 8944 and the fabric is a great ponte that Kashi of Metro Textiles talked me into.  If you've been following this blog for long - then you know I don't wear a lot of solids.  For whatever reason - I feel big as a barn in solids.  Anyway - I was going to pass on this fabric, but Kashi and JB talked me into it.  

This dress had it's problems.  I cut it out according to my measurements. A straight size 22.  I did not trace all the pieces - what was I thinking?  I traced the skirt pieces - front and back because I was making it in a knit and didn't need a center back seam in the skirt and I did need to lengthen the skirt - I added 3" and put in a 1.5" hem.  The pattern calls for a 5/8" narrow hem, so I took a bigger hem than called for - but I think it suits this fabric.  I also made a sway back adjustment to the back bodice and made up a sleeve length (I cut at the lengthen/shorten line).  The sleeves are even - I'm not standing straight.

Anyway - I put this together with my serger and topstitched the seams per the instructions.  Got it all done and it was too big.  Enough that when I went to show JB even he noticed.  That was Sunday night - after spending my weekend sewing time going to Costco, doing laundry, starting the flannel pants factory, and working on the circle skirt project - I wanted to make something for me!  Something new, quick and easy.  This dress felt like it should fit the bill.  So - I hung it up and went to knit.  

On Monday - I decided to finish it so I could wear it to work today.  First - I took it in, 2" at the bust on both sides (yep - that's 4" smaller!) tapering to nothing at the hip and out to the bottom of the sleeve.  The fit is much, much better.  

Notes for next version:

    • Cut the shoulders at a size 14 width
    • Cut the sides at a size 18: width
    • Cut the center front bodice just slightly off the fold
    • Add just a bit more length to the skirt

And this is how I wore it to work - with a skinny taupe belt, a cardigan purchased at Target, and a pair of boots.  I also wore the locket that Beau bought me for Christmas last year - I love this locket!  I have to say - all in all - even with it's flaws - I really like this dress.  The skirt is flirty and feminine without being too full.  Even in the solid - I didn't feel huge.  There will be more dresses from this pattern.  
In fact - the next version will be color blocked with 2 solids and a print.  Oh - and with the leftovers of this fabric?  (Yes, I bought 5 yards of the fabric I wasn't sure I wanted.  I have recently figured out that I can get a dress and a magic pencil skirt for one [or both] of my girls from 4 yards.)  I bought the paprika patterns Jade Skirt - because of this post on the CSC.

I have big plans for the long weekend that's coming up - big plans I tell you!  Flannel pants, color blocked dress, pencil skirt, another Violet and another Odette (which is cut out).  I also have a Myrtle cut out - but I'm not loving the fabric, so who knows.       

And for Nessa - here's a posterior for posterity.  


  1. I cannot believe I'm finally caught up enough that I'm commenting on time ! Your dress looks soooo comfy. The colour looks teal-ish on my monitor, I like it :-)

  2. Oh yes, I love it. That'a a nice color on you! I think it came out nice and you look so comfortable in it too.

  3. Your dress is fabulous, great job on the alterations and having a great looking dress.

  4. Hooray for solids! It's a lovely color on you.

    Can't wait to see your colorblocked version.

  5. So glad you worked out the fitting issues! I like the look of this pattern on you, and the colour is really rich.
    Such sophisticated styling too!

  6. I think it looks awesome! Love that colour on you!

  7. Fantastic..Looks pretty on you.. So happy you got the fitting fixed. Hope you have a happy sewing weekend.

  8. You look smashing in this, G! The boots and belt top it off!

  9. That's a great color. I think I'd like a dress from that.

  10. I like the color, and I like the way it hangs - full and flirty but not bulky. Hope you've had a productive long weekend in the sewing room. I am finally finished cooking - Michael and the boys announced that tonight is Chinese food so I can relax. Hooray for thoughtful husband and sons!

  11. I really love the color of this dress... like really really.
    The whole ensemble is very fasionable, but mostly I like the cut of the skirt... I have been noticing I have a lot of more form fitting sheath dresses in my wardrobe, and I need to look for more work appropriate dresses with a fit and flare effect, I think...


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